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Septic Cleaning vs. Septic Pumping

Basics Of Septic Systems

If you’re looking into septic system installation for your home, you need to be familiar with what a septic system actually is. This article will explain what a septic system is and how it works.

The Basics

Septic systems are underground wastewater treatment structures. They are an alternative to centralized sewer systems and are most commonly used in places where these sewer systems aren’t in place. They use a combination of modern technology and natural biology to create an environmentally friendly and self-sufficient way of handling wastewater in your home.

How It Works

A septic system typically has two major parts: the septic tank and the drainfield. All the water in the house flows through a central drainage pipe and into the septic tank. This watertight underground tank holds the wastewater long enough for bacteria to break it down into its components. Oils and grease will float to the top, and solid will sink to the bottom. Then, the liquid wastewater, or effluent, is released from the tank. This may happen by gravity or with the help of a pump before being sent into the drainfield. 

At the drainfield, the effluent is released into unsaturated soil, which absorbs it until it eventually discharges into groundwater. As the wastewater is absorbed into the soil, nutrients and harmful coliform bacteria and viruses are naturally and safely removed in the process.

In summary – a septic system is a natural and self-sufficient way of removing and treating wastewater from your home. If you need help with septic installation and maintenance in the Hill County Area of Boerne, TX, don’t hesitate to call Busy B Septic. For all your septic services including septic tank installation, septic tank pumping, septic tank service and septic cleaning needs, Busy B Septic has the help that you need. 

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