Conventional San Antonio Septic System Repair

Conventional San Antonio Septic System Repair
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Symptoms of Needed Septic Repair

A conventional septic system consists of a tank and a drainfield. The system allows wastewater to separate and begin decomposing in the tank. Then the wastewater is treated in that drainfield. 

The most common problem that you will run into with a conventional septic system is a clogged sewer line. It’s easy to tell if you have a clogged line. Your sewer line is likely clogged if your bathtub, sink, or toilet begins draining extremely slowly. Pay attention to whether you see the issue in only a single part of your house or the entire space – you may only have a problem in one line, which a plumber can handle.

However, if you have had all of your plumbing checked, you probably have a problem in your drainfield. This can be handled in a few ways. 

Consider Usage

A septic tank is designed for a specific amount of use. If you have recently thrown a party or had overnight guests, you may have overrun the capacity of your drainfield. 

Or, you may have a broken piece in your system. A professional from Busy B Septic can determine if a mechanical piece needs to be replaced or repaired. 

Consider Maintenance

A conventional septic system requires pumping every couple of years. If yours has not been pumped in the last few years, a simple pumping and cleaning may be all you need to get it back in working condition. 

If you need conventional septic system repair, Busy B Septic can help. We are experts at repairing failing septic systems so that you can stop thinking about it. We know that the last thing you want to worry about is the plumbing in your home. When you work with Busy B, you can be confident that your septic system will be repaired properly so that you can forget about it again.

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