San Antonio Septic system Troubleshooting

Septic System Troubleshooting
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When to Troubleshoot Your Septic System & When to Get A Consultation

If you notice problems with your septic system, simple troubleshooting can save you some time – before calling the professionals. While you shouldn’t try to repair a septic system on your own, it is helpful to have information about the problems you are seeing and their potential causes. Remember, coming in contact with sewage can cause major health problems, so stay away and call an expert.

If your system alarm is sounding or you notice problems with your plumbing, you may likely have an issue with your septic system. Here are some common causes that you should be aware of. 

Common Septic Problems

  • If your sewage is backing up into your house, or your plumbing system is slow to drain, you could have a pump failure, blockage in your plumbing, or roots clogging the pipe. 
  • If sewage is surfacing in your yard, your soil treatment system might be too small, you may be using too much water, or your pump may be failing. 
  • If you notice the smell of sewage indoors, you need to be concerned about toxic gasses. This could be caused by a frozen roof vent, sewage backup, or an unsealed ejector sump pump. On the other hand, if you notice the smell outdoors, first double-check to ensure that it’s not coming from a source other than your septic system. If you believe your tank is the source, your inspection pipe caps could be damaged. 
  • Your pump or controls may have failed if your lift station alarm is activated. If the system is freezing in winter, your lift station valve might not be working, or your pump may be too small.

A skilled septic tank repair company, like Busy B Septic, can diagnose and repair the problems with your septic system. Take note of what is happening with your system, and then give us a call to find out how we can help. You’ll be enjoying clean water again right away. 

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