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When Is Pumping Your Septic Necessary?

mechanical pump usually requires pumping every 3 to 5 years. The EPA recommends that a septic tank be inspected every 2 to 3 years.

If a pump is not used very much, or has the opposite situation of being heavily used, septic pumping annually might be necessary for your system. If your system uses an electrical float switch, pumps, or other mechanical parts, they need to be inspected more often, usually one per year.

Pumping is the removal of sludge and muck at the bottom of your tank. This process needs to happen before the liquids in your tank are unable to flow down the outlet pipe. Some factors that can influence the frequency at which the tank needs to be checked can be things such as the size and composition of the house. Bigger families create more waste. Another factor can be the amount of waste water produced. The speed that the septic pump fills can be determined purely on the volume of waste water. The quantity of solids found in the water can also affect this if there are garbage disposals that lead to the septic tank. Lastly, the tanks size is another factor because the larger the tank, the larger the amount of solids existing within it are, meaning it needs to be pumped more. 

These methods can help you get an estimate of when your tank should be getting pumped. 

How is a septic tank pumped?

How is A Septic Tank Pumped?

An inspection done by a professional technician is the best way to indicate if a tank needs to be drained of all its muck. The floating muck layer between the sludge and the floating water should be within the range of 6 inches from the drain field’s outlet pipe.

Once a technician removes the cover, a Busy B Septic service member arrives in a large tanker that has powerful vacuum equipment. Once the technician puts the hose into the manhole, they turn the vacuum on and pump your septic tank. This is what septic pumping is. To make this process more efficient, a muckrake is used to stir all of the contents. The trucks vacuum will drain the contents from the tank. The price of this service varies and depends on where you live and the size of the tank. So contact Busy B Septic for a good estimate for your tank!

Maintaining Your Septic System

There are many different ways of maintaining your septic system. Reducing water consumption can reduce the water entering your tank, which prevents the tank from filling up faster. You can also reduce solid wastes to avoid clogs and disrupting the system. Directing rainwater from the drain is also a good idea as it diverts water that could disrupt its ability to disperse the tank water. Also be sure to never drain hot tubs or chemicals down the drain as this could be very harmful. Do not use septic tank chemicals unless a professional has recommended it.  

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