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Septic Tank Do's and Don't's

For many homeowners, septic systems maintenance can be overwhelming.
To begin with, how are you supposed to remember to maintain something
you can’t even see? Then there’s the maintenance schedule. At Busy B
Septic, we’re often asked, “how often should I pump my septic tank?” If
these concerns sound familiar, read on to learn more.

For starters, let’s clarify what we mean by “septic tank pumping.” Pumping
your septic system simply means emptying it out and cleaning it. This should
be done, on average, every 3 to 5 years. However, that average has a lot of
variation, depending on your household. If not pumped at appropriate
intervals, septic systems can develop problems.

So, how to determine the regularity of your own septic tank? Here are a few
factors to consider: 

Your household size and frequency of use. Generally, the more
residents and guests in a house, the higher your use is, increasing the
needed frequency of septic tank pumping.
Whether or not you have a garbage disposal or regularly dispose of
solid materials.
Whether you use a water softener, which results in the need to pump
more often.
Whether inefficient or leaky toilets, sinks, or shower heads might be
causing excessive wastewater.
Septic tank size. The larger your tank is, the less often you’ll have to
pump it.

If you’re not sure when your tank was last pumped, or how often your
particular household septic system should be pumped, it is best to have your
system evaluated by a skilled and professional septic tank service team.
They can help get you on a service schedule tailored to your household
needs. Are you ready to take charge of your situation? Our Busy B Septic
Services team would be happy to provide you with a personalized septic
system consultation today!

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